Important Things to know before Dall Sheep Hunting in Alaska

A Dall sheep hunting expedition is not an easy ball, but a rewarded experience. You have to train and horn your skills of camping, stalking, alpine trekking, and endurance before going on this adventure hunting trip. The same applies to guided grizzly bear hunt trips.

                   Here are bits of the important information you need to know in general:-

  • Where it is found: - The terrain is perched above the Alaskan bush line, surrounded by glaciers and snow-capped peaks of northern-most Mountains, where this white Dall sheep inhabits. It usually grazes on the Alpine meadows but does come downhill for water and salt liking. Chief geographical locations for Dall sheep hunting Alaska are:-
  • Brooks Range
  • Chugach Range
  • Talkeetna Range
  • Wrangell Range
  • Kenai Range
  • Stalk from below: - This horned white Ram has a heightened sense of smell and alertness, so be extra careful when stalking. Keep a distance, and don’t show yourself in the skyline. Lye low near the ground, below the animal during Dall sheep hunting in Alaska.


  • Long treks: - Many times a Dall can be spotted easily at lower heights, mostly during water drinking. But there are significant numbers of times when the hunters have to trek for 20 miles even, to get a good hunt. So, it’s highly recommended that you train your brain and build-up stamina before you arrive for this rigorous hunting and camping expedition.


  • Terrains with different difficulty levels: - There are some easy treks and some tedious ones for hunting in Alaska. The Brooks Range is very popular for couple hunting trips because it is an easy climb that females like. But as more hunting parties come at the same time, the chances of a hunt are a little low. The Chugach Range is difficult and steep terrain, but the population density of Dall sheep is high, and chances of a good kill are  high here.


  • Suitable months: - August and September are considered the best months for this adventure. In these months water availability is good, and camping is easy. But the Rams are stationed at a higher altitude due to heat. In October temperatures go low and few hunters are left in the field. Though sub-zero degrees here, but the density of the animal is high at lower altitudes even. Some hunters even club Alaska guided moose hunting trips with it to get a good deal.

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